es, you have probably heard the “new and exciting” bit before, but for a
legal practice, Felix Law is exactly that. Don’t believe it? Well, consider the
following which are just some of the novel ways Felix Law seeks to be different:

Fed up with having to take time off work to see your lawyer? Well, those days are over.
Your solicitor will come to you, at no additional cost, at a mutually convenient time. This can be at
your home, your work place or at your local coffee bar and can even be after usual office hours!

Worried about the uncertainty of what your legal bill will be? Don’t worry, Felix Law believe
in upfront costing. For a start you will never have to pay for postage, printing, emailing, faxing or
telephone costs (as is common practice with a lot of firms) as these are included in our solicitor’s
hourly rate. As for the fees themselves, for most matters undertaken by us, we will either set
a fixed price or cap our fees if the work needs to be billed on a time basis. You only have to ask!

Hate not being able to speak personally with your solicitor at all stages of your matter?
At Felix Law you will only ever deal with your solicitor, and you will not be fobbed off as your solicitor
will return your call that day.

Feel like your lawyer is only there for you in emergencies?
At Felix Law we are interested in you and what
you are doing or wanting to do, be it your first
home or investment purchase or a new
or existing business venture. We want to
be a part of what you are seeking
to achieve and want to there
every step of the way.

Is your lawyer
the right person
for your matter?

If Felix Law cannot
help you with what
you are wanting to
do, with its contacts
they will put you in touch
with someone else who can.