elix Law is a new and exciting Legal Practice for
the Gold Coast and surrounding areas offering
great service at a reasonable
cost with the added benefit
of convenience for you.

Originating from Latin, ‘Felix’ has many positive
meanings including ‘ happy, lucky, fortunate and
prosperous’ and was the most apt name for a
practice which seeks to instill, encourage and
enhance the essence of those meanings with
its clients through close client interaction
and inolvement. In other words,
Felix Law aims to work for and with
you, your business or your company
in whatever you are seeking
to achieve whilst affording you
the convenience and cost
effectiveness that is not often
found when dealing with solicitors.

Felix Law is brought to you by Richard
Featherstone, a solicitor with over
15 years experience both here
in Queensland and the United
Kingdom. His clients over
the years have included
Aon, National Australia Bank,
HSBC and Baby Bell Cheese.

Call Richard Featherstone
now to see how Felix Law
can work for and with you.